Debora organizes artistic workshops for the children in asylum seekers centers. She is art program coordinator for Stichting ‘De Vrolijkheid’ in Burgum. Debora creates the concepts for these projects and manages a team to then realize these projects alongside herself for and with the children. The goal is to let the kids forget their past for a while, live in the now and create something using their imagination. Most importantly though: having FUN!

Family project: ‘Stories untold’
Photo’s taken by: Vivienne Lis Braselmann

‘Far Away Fashion Show’

Somewhere far away, far beyond the milky way, is a planet called ‘X’. This planet X is home to some craaazy creatures. They may have four arms, bizarre heads and who knows how many legs. Their skin can be purple, green, yellow, gold even! And they pride themselves on wearing very beautiful and detailed clothing. The children of the asylum seekers centre Ter Apel were in correspondence with the most famous fashion designer of planet X through letters. Every week the children got a new letter which Debora presented and acted out for the maximum dramatic effect. The letters contained stories of the bizarre world planet X for inspiration and the new assignment from its fashion designer. The assignments presented both group and individual projects the children worked on.

‘Animals of the future’

‘Beastly summer week’